Thursday, 28 August 2014

An Overdue Studio Tidy Up

I know I'm not the only one who tends to be a messy worker, particularly when doing anything creative - Lincoln based textile artist Hilary Beattie for one is a gal after my own heart when it comes to creating chaos, and like me she has no shame in showing you the full glory of her unbridled messyness - see here for her recent reveal.

The thing is, worrying about keeping everything tidy as you go along can really disrupt your creative flow, and as time can be so pressured this means there is often a direct choice as to whether you create something or just tidy up - and I know which of those  I prefer to spend my valuable life seconds on! However, this has to balance against the need for some sort of order too, so you can actually function, and every now and again a major mucking out is required - and that's exactly what I have just spent a number of days doing.

So, brace yourself for this spectacularly shambolic 'before shot' - and if you are of a very nervous or mess-phobic disposition I would strongly urge you to look away now and skip ahead to the 'after shot' here goes:

Yes it's true, I have indeed got a bad case of interior shed syndrome going on in that loft of mine, and I think I'd really outdone myself this time. So after spending rather a loooooooooooooooong time undertaking a major excavation, general scrubbing, and being sidetracked by amazing finds of stuff I'd forgotten I had (like a table - who knew?), it now looks like this:

It was long overdue, and I needed to reclaim my studio and return it to a usable state. It's now such an inspiring room again I can't wait to get creating (mess) in there again - hurrah! Having a pleasant space of my own to work in is really important to me and was the main motivation for the serious mucking out, but there was another reason for this which I'm looking forward to sharing with you another I a tease or what??
In my previous post I talked about choosing yarn for a new cable knit cowl and  promised to show you how it progresses,  so here it is:

I'm afraid the photo hasn't captured the colour very well which is in fact a lovely soft teal, but it does show off the stitches quite nicely. I've planned the stitch pattern and made a swatch, though I've also decided to knit it up in the Bilberry  after all,  as I think those yellow buttons will sing out beautifully against the plummy coloured yarn.

Well, I'd better get on with knitting it now hadn't I? Tootle Pip til next time!

PS - I'd love to know if you are as messy as me - or are you super neat and ordered? Leave a comment below if you feel like confessing any sinful stash habits...

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