Thursday, 21 May 2015

Behind the scenes: Misty May Photo Shoot

Earlier this month we had an  outdoor photo shoot for Elements: 24 handknit designs inspired by nature and the outdoors that will be published in the Autumn. Having set the shoot up up for the  beginning of May you might be forgiven for thinking that weather conditions would be fairly reasonable - well that was my expectation, however that was not how it went down! The forecast was not at all favorable and my heart was sinking. These things are set up quite a way in advance, and with quite a few people involved it’s difficult to be flexible so you have to fix a date and just hope for the best.  Having coordinated everyone to get to the location site at a set time, we were greeted by drizzle with the threat of heavier downpours, and it was a real pea-souper of a day. This did not bode well, as then there was the additional challenge of how to keep the rain off the equipment as well as ensure our models didn’t  get a soaking. This was alleviated with the help of plenty of plastic sheets and diligent umbrella bearers:-)

 However after our initial feelings of concern and despair, it became apparent how fortunate we were. The rain for the most part did actually hold off, and we had glorious layers of mist which, whilst unexpected, were ideal conditions for setting the scene for the more autumnal designs of our collection - you could swear it was October rather than May. I can’t show you too much at this stage, but here’s a photo of one of the backdrops.

So luck was shining on us after all, as did the sun the moment we finished taking photographs.

Elements will be available in the Autumn and, if you live in the Swansea Area, you can join Alison Crowther-Smith and myself at Swansea Bay Yarns on Fri 24 September, 6-8pm for a preview of the collection and book-signing.

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