Sunday, 30 June 2013

Something fishy going on ......

If I've been a little quiet here lately it's because there are quite a few deadlines looming and I have been beavering away to get some things finished. As well as enjoying all things knitterly, I am an active member of Stitches Coven, a local creative textiles group, and we are holding our first public exhibition from 20th August at Swansea Grand Theatre. As this is only 7 weeks away the pressure is now on to get pieces finished and prepared for display. As well as a range of our own individual pieces we have all been tasked with contributing a fish for a group display and here's a peek at my effort - I can't wait to see him displayed with all his other fishy friends.


  1. what a funky fish!!Love the colours....

  2. Aw thanks Shimmera - one of my hand dye experiments :)