Friday, 2 January 2015

How will you be greeting 2015?

A new day and a new start- yesterday we took a bracing walk on the beach to dust off the cobwebs and welcome in the New Year.  There we witnessed the Port Talbot New Year Dippers - a local tradition where brave souls gather at 11 in the morning to greet the new year by stripping off to their bathers and racing en masse for a dip in the icy sea.

Many will have gained sponsors to raise funds for various charities, some will do it for the fun (?) of it, but for others it is a way to embrace the new year with attitude - demonstrating an intent to face any challenges ahead with gusto. I was merely a spectator but hope this spirited approach will have rubbed off and I can take a leaf out of their book.

I'm not keen on making New Years Resolutions in the traditional sense - I see little point in making lists of things that I musn't do - where's the fun in that? I think it's always best to go with your strengths - and I have willpower by the sack load - just not so abundantly gifted with won't power!

So instead I like to think about what I will do - I have a short lost of things I'd like to achieve, such as learning a new skill or tackling a specific project I have in mind, and I like to have a couple of  life enriching principles/philosophies in mind to focus on for the year ahead.

1.This year I'm feeling inspired by Paloma Faith's recent song offering - Ready for the good life - this is about letting go of negative experiences, fostering optimism & positivity and being receptive to the good stuff instead.

2. Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful (William Morris). In order to be ready for this 'good life' I'm also going to be big on the decluttering this year to allow plenty of time and space for all these wonderful things that will of course be coming my way!

How will you be facing 2015? Do you have any New Year traditions or do you prefer to simply go with the flow? Do share by commenting below.

I hope you have had a lovely holiday period,  and wish you all the best for a fulfilling and creative 2015

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  1. I'm the same as you. New year...New skill. Last year I york up excersise at the gym 3 times a week...still going. This year I learnt Brioche Stitch at last. Maybe I'll try to do magic loop as well. Yey me.

    1. Wow well done on the gym front! I've not done a lot of brioche stitch - did you make anything or just swatch? I swear by playing with swatches as you can have the fun of trying something new without the guilt of another Un Finished Object. Good luck with magic loop - it's one of those techniques that seems complicated til you know how, and adds another really useful tool in your knitting toolbox - you'll have it nailed in no time :-)

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