Thursday, 29 January 2015

Knit Design Inspiration

There is often the perception that artists and designers have lighting bolt/out of the blue flashes of inspiration which arrive 'from within' or from a divine entity as a full or near fully formed idea. Whilst this may be the experience for some individuals, and on rare occasions for others, for the majority of creative folk it's a much more grounded process often starting with a spark of inspiration and working (hard!) over a period of time teasing out and developing an idea from this original source.

More often design inspiration is found outside of ourselves in the first instance and may involve an interplay between this and our inner selves, previous experiences, current preoccupations etc. Finding design inspiration can be a real challenge for many, but the truth is it's all around us and we often encounter sources of inspiration in our everyday lives and often by accident. For example here is a Romanesco (broccoli/cauliflower) I had in my veg box one week: 

I don't know about you, but I hadn't seen one of these before and found myself completely fascinated by it and in awe of nature for this impressive structural design. Like many others, I often find inspiration from nature, though in this case I didn't even go outdoors! I've not done any design work with this yet though I'm sure I will, and it's on a back boiler while I ruminate further. I don't know at this stage what the destination will be, but it suggests a play with textured stitches such as blackberry stitch but I also want to capture the spiral/fractal structure............

I'd love to hear what sort of things fascinate and inspire you - do share by leaving a comment below.

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