Thursday, 15 January 2015

Introducing Millie - Feline Design Assistant

"One Approves"

Well I thought it was time you should meet my fab little feline studio assistant, Millie - Wherever there are textiles to view Miss Millie is there like a whippet to perform essential quality assurance. Here she is undertaking a thorough assessment of the felted nuno scarf I put out to dry on the table. I made the scarf at a workshop I arranged last October for Stitches Coven which was tutored by the talented and inspiring Mandy Nash. I'm pleased to say it was a definite hit with Miss Millie (or Miss Millamena as she is sometimes called) who is a lover of girly accessories including bags & shoes.

The same could not be said for her opinion of the colour scheme I've been putting together for a new design. Here we see Miss Millie just in shot heading straight for the trouble spot with those blue/grey shades at the top of the stack.

She's quite right too with her diagnosis as there is simply not enough tonal contrast happening there, but I think a quick substitution of ivory for a blue does the trick.

After all that hard work here she is having a well-earned rest.

I can't believe how well behaved Millie is with my knitting and other work - unless you really waggle a bit of yarn under her nose that is. Do you have little 'helpers' like Millie? Or do you have little 'hinderers' instead?

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  1. Thanks Leonora - I think so too, but then I could be just a little bit biased....