Tuesday, 19 February 2013

New Workshop for Sept 2013, Swansea

Saturday 7th September, 10-4pm at Hazel Court, Sketty Park, Swansea with Donna Jones

Modular knitting, sometimes referred to as Domino knitting, is the process of knitting small individual pieces that are joined together to create unique garments or other projects – a bit like patchwork but without all the sewing up. This technique allows you to design as you go along, and to work creatively with colour without the challenges posed by more traditional methods of colour work. It is also great for using up your stash, even the odds and ends.


The workshop provides an introduction to this style of knitting, enabling you to create a number of swatches using these techniques, and is suitable for all knitters with basic skills or above. You will be shown how your knitted swatches can be developed into a project, such as a small bag, and advice given on construction and finishing.

Workshop costs £30 per person and is suitable for new, 'rusty', or experienced knitters who can knit and purl and follow a basic pattern. See here for further information.

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