Sunday, 3 February 2013

Saturday 8th June 2013, 10-4pm - Magical Moebius Workshop with special guest tutor Alison Crowther-Smith

Venue: Hazel Court, Sketty Park, Swansea

Somerset based knit designer & author of  three books, Alison Crowther-Smith will join us to share her latest knitting obsession of moebius knitting. You can read more about Alison's latest knitting adventures on my previous post, or Alison's website.
This brain tickling workshop is all about learning how to knit a true, magical Moebius ring.  Using the cast on made famous by Cat Bordhi, you will learn how to create a Moebius that grows from the centre outwards, has only half a twist (as all true Moebiuses do), only one side and only one edge. 

The technique is no more than tricky, and this trickiness is soon mastered and anyway, this part only lasts for one round of knitting, then knitting a Moebius is, perhaps, one of the easiest yet most amazingly satisfying things you will ever knit.

On the day, using practice yarns that are provided, you will learn to cast on and then create a mini-Moebius.  Once this skill has been consolidated, and this is usually just after lunch, you will cast on your real Moebius using your own yarns, which will be a shoulder/neck cowl designed by Alison Crowther-Smith.  You will then complete this at home, secure in the knowledge that you have cast on and started your Moebius with us at the event.

You will need to bring:

  • A 5mm circular needle that is 140cm long or longer.  This is vital.  For the practice Moebius, a 120cm long needle is maybe a little easier, so if you have one, bring it too but don’t buy one specially, just make sure you have a needle 140cm long.  
  • Yarn for your actual Moebius project -  2 x 50g balls (approx 125m or so per ball) of DK yarn and 1 x 25g (approx 210m per ball) of fine lace-weight mohair & silk yarn (such as Rowan Kidsilk Haze).  Note:  this quantity of yarn makes a basic, very serviceable shoulder/neck cowl;  if you want to make your bigger, bring more yarns.  
You can bring in your own project yarn from your stash, or choose from a limited selection of suitable Rowan yarns which will be available for purchase on the day.

Provided for you:
  • Full tuition from Alison & Donna
  • A full set of notes on Moebius construction and tips and advice on how and why they work, what other variations you can consider and 2 patterns
  • A complimentary stitch marker 
  • All the practice yarns for making a mini-Moebius in the morning
  • A free Alison Crowther-Smith knitting project bag

This workshop costs £35 per person and is suitable for new, 'rusty', or experienced knitters who can knit and purl. See here for further information.


  1. Really like the idea of this Donna, it would be so elegant yet snug and warm.

    Did you take any more photos at the workshop?

    ~ Rhianne

  2. Hi Rhianne - forgive the delayed response I only just noticed your comment. The workshop isn't until 8th June, but Alison has some other pictures on her website, and I'll be sure to post some after the workshop :)I also made a blue one which I think I've shown on a more recent post - they are great to wear.